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rcpromo Ork Buggie WW2 style Ork Truck Battle Wagon DreadKnight & Orkfu Dreadnaught. Marcus Tanner's Renegade Orks got some help from the Tau empire





1700 Set up.

1900 Event Hall opens to public, registration, open gaming.

Please register Friday if you can to expedite the starting time on Saturday.

2400 Event Hall closes.


0830 Event Hall opens to public, last minute registration. ($85.00)

0900 Round 1 Begins

1200 Round 1 Ends; Lunch; Set up Army for paint judging

1300 Round 2 Begins

1600 Round 2 Ends

1630 Round 3 Begins

1930 Round 3 Ends; Dinner

1930 and on Open Gaming

2400 Event hall closes.


0830 Event Hall opens

0900 Round 4 Begins

1200 Round 4 Ends; Lunch; Set up Army for paint judging; Player’s Choice vote & Love of the Game vote turn in

1300 Round 5 Begins (Final)

1600 Round 5 Ends; Tallying begins

1630 Awards Ceremony

1700 Clean Up

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