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This section covers the basic rules and event info for 40K championship as well as 40K individual challenges.  For special events covered in the TSHFT Open and/or TSHFT Invitational, please check the appropriate tag for specific instructions.

Scoring Breakdown

Since the main goal for TSHFT is competition, battle points are weighted heavily than some other elements of the game.  This is by no means is an indication that other hobby elements are not important, it just means that we think a detailed breakdown of the battle points is necessary to showcase the generalship of each attendee.

A total of 200 points were available for players to garner throughout a typical 2 days, 5 rounds tournament following the system below:


Battle Points = 100

Each round a player may gain at most 20 Battle Points (out of possible 22) from accomplishing the primary objective, secondary objective and/or tertiary objectives.

Primary Objective

Win = 14 BP, Draw = 9 BP, Loss = 6 BP

Secondary Objective

Win = 6 BP, Draw = 3 BP, Loss = 0 BP

Tertiary Obejctive

0 ~ 2 BP

TSHFT took a heavy emphasis in tactical play rather than list building.  In this time of information advanced age, it is difficult to distinguish the individual uniqueness in either army building or the amount effort an individual had put behind them.  Rather than send our players through a gauntlet of rounds to find out who had optimized the “best” list, we took the approach that the generalship is best proven in game.  The secondary objective and the tertiary objectives are introduced for this purpose.

Primary Objective / Secondary Objective (updated March, 2013)

TSHFT 40K has since adopt the duo mission set up for each of its tournament rounds.   One of the book mission will be used for Primary Objective and the other one for secondary objective.  To avoid confusion and to better utilize the book secondary objectives, VPs earned from the 3 secondary objectives from the BRB will be counted towards the secondary objective (not the primary).

Tertiary Objectives

These are announced 30 minutes into each round (or printed on the scoring sheet if timing is a concern), completing them will earn the player either 1 BP or 2 BP (if the objective does not indicate number, it is assumed the maximum amount of 2 BP).

Crippling Blow – destroys all selections from 1 FOC choice.

Iron Gut – Each HS survived in opponent’s deployment zone is worth 1 BP.

MismatchEL choice gets 1 BP for each TP destroyed (or sent running off the table).

Overrun – Every 2 surviving TP is worth 1 BP.

Perilous Sky – Having more FA choice survived.

Rampage – Your Warlords killed more units than the opposing warlord’s

* Dedicated transports neither count towards nor against any of the tertiary objectives.


Paint Points = 50

10 PP of which are graded by fellow players each round.  There is a “WoW” on a player’s scoring sheet and each round the opponent will circle it if he thought his opponent of that round had wowed him in either painting or modeling.  Each WoW given to an opponent is worth 2 points.

40 PP of which are graded by the TO (or whomever appointed to be the paint judge) on the following percentage completion paint matrix.

   70%  100%  SP  SP
 Scenic Basing / VH Weathering  2 2 2  2  2
 Cohesive Scheme
 2 2 2  2  2
 Conversion  2 2 2  2  2
 Technique  2 2 2  2  2

Scenic Basing / VH Weathering

2 points awarded for each level % of completion for the player’s army which are scenic based (or weathered if for vehicles).
Special: 2 points for painted objective/narrative display.  2 more points awarded for well presented display board (not just a folding tray, please)

Cohesive Scheme
2 points awarded for each level % of completion for the player’s army which are painted with at least 3 colors and shares a coherent scheme.
Special: 2 points for painted decal/markings.  2 more points awarded for extra themed doodads.

2 points awarded for each level % of completion for the player’s army which are converted beyond simple weapon swapping.
Special: 2 points for each large scale or complex model that is

2 points awarded for each level % of completion for the player’s army which had displayed advanced painting techniques.
Special: 2 points for each of the advanced painting technique displayed over majority
of the army (NMM, lightning, blending, extreme details, well executed freehand works, etc.).


Sportsmanship Points = 50

40 SP of which are graded by fellow players.  A player starts the event with 40 SP, and receives penalties depending on the number of Bad Games he receives throughout the event.

1 Bad Game = no change

2 Bad Games = -5 SP

3 Bad Games = -10 SP

4 Bad Games = -20 SP

5 Bad Games = -40 SP

The reason why a single bad game does not net any loss is to prevent the occasional “Ding” of points when a player intentionally sabotages another’s after losing badly at a game.

10 SP of which are graded by the TO and/or the event crew.  Any player that arrives late, argue excessively or damages the personal/public property at the event will receive a deduction (if not expulsion from the event).

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