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Warhammer Fantasy

I first played WFB about 17 years ago when I was but a 15 year old, I didn’t know any better then and soon lost interest in the hobby due to its expensive investement and time consuming nature.  About 5 years ago I picked up the hobby again, and found that I liked the game a lot more now the rules are sounder than they were 15 years ago.  My speeding in collecting the armies, are however, not as equal as my ethusiams for the game.

Tomb King

This is my first Warhammer army after I returned to the hobby about five years ago. I bought the least played army in store at the time (Tomb Kings) and built and painted the darn thing in 3 weeks. It consisted a lot of dry brushing then. I then realized that color was too bright and decided to dull it down and painted it 2 month after. Then came 2007 Baltimore Gt, for some odd reasons, I decided that the painting was still too bright and repainted the army again in a coherent and realistic color (very dim). I did it despite advises from my good friends (some of them had worked for the studio before) and it ended up costing me placing at the Baltimore GT - I finished 4th Overall with only 30 points scored for my painting. Still, I liked this army. This army was the last army that I painted with metallic color as a main source (I moved to NMM for the rest of the armies instead). The decision was chosen because I simply could not bring out the richness and alurring aspects of the jewelries and decorations with NMM at the time (still dont think I am good enough). It was also chosen to show contrast since the rest of the army was so dark. This is one of the few finished WFB army I have, partly was due to the fact that I converted 80% of the army. I tend to attach myself a lot more to an army that I put my heart and soul into converting it. That also bring another problem of the army. Since most of the army are made out of plastics and I did dynamic posing with most of models, it breaks just about every game that I "break" it out for a game.

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