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Currently the Invitational event is catered for our 40K attendees only.  The following is a breakdown of the tournament format.

There are 6 rounds for the Invitational, 4 of which will be played on Saturday and 2 finishing off on Sunday.

Each round a player will have a chance of scoring a total of 25 battle points.  The player will be paired in Swiss style based solely on their accumulated BP.  If there is a tie in BP, then they will be based first off their ranking then their W/L records.

Primary Objective

These are a combination of the all the missions featured in TSHFT.

Win = 12 BP

Draw =8 BP

Loss = 5 BP

Secondary Objectives & Tertiary Objectives

Upon entering the event, each player will be offered 2 sets of cards.  One of which is in black sleeves and will be used as the secondary objectives.  The other one red for tertiary objectives.

Secondary Objectives (secret)

Upon seeing the opponent’s army but before rolling for sides and deployment, the player must choose one of his secondary objective in secret then place it face down by the table.  The player may reveal the secret objective after completing all the requisite per instructed on the card during the game or after the game end and receive the BP per his accomplishments.  The player then turns in his score sheet along with his secondary objectives.  In other words, as the tournament lingers, each player’s secret options will be limited.  Choose carefully.

There are up to 8BP per secondary objective a player can achieve per round.

Tertiary Objectives

The tertiary objective is chosen similar to the secondary but after both army had chosen a side and deployed/reserve their forces and before the “seize the initiative” roll of the game.  These objectives are easier to achieve than the primary as well as the secondary objectives.  A player has a choice to reveal them any time during the game up to the 30 min mark.   Once 30 min into the game, all players are forced to reveal their tertiary objectives so their opponent will have an opportunity of jeopardizing their ploys.

There are up to 5BP per tertiary objective a player can achieve per round.  Unlike secondary objectives, these are not turned in each round.  However, for each time a player had scored the same tertiary objective prior, he will score 1 less BP the next time he uses it.


This is a 1500pts tournament.

No Forgeworld models/rules allowed in the 2013 event.

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