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The TSHFT Invitational is the ultimate prize in TSHFT events.  It is also my gift back to our miniature gaming community.  Thus far, there is only going to be one annual TSHFT Invitational and it is dedicated to our 40K fans and supporters.

The Invitational is different from a normal TSHFT in the following ways:

- All participants are invites only, no purchase necessary.  Often, the lists of invites are open to but not exclusive to the following individuals who had claimed their title during the event year: TSHFT Champion, Master Tactician, Best Overall (Class A~Unranked), Best General (Class~Unranked).  As the TO I reserve the rights to invite any former TSHFT participants and/or players who had earned prestige in other local/regional events.

- All armies must be painted.  They don’t have to be table top quality, but they should have at least 3 colors and based, which are the general acceptance in most tournaments.

- There is no Painting and Sports scoring since everyone is a former TSHFT winner or a personal guest and are expected to have them as basic qualifications.

- There are 6 rounds instead of 5 rounds.

- There is only Battle points, 25 points per round, 150 BP total.  Detail can be found in the Format section.

- There is no team, it is an individual event which the winner will be crowned the title TSHFT Grand Champion.

- Pairing is Swiss.  The first round is based off TSHFT ranking which the top half will be paired against the bottom half, any further rounds would be strictly based on Battle Points.

- Lunches for both days and dinner on Saturday will be catered.  Drink tickets will also be available for our guests during the event.

- This tournament is catered to my players so the winners can experience a high quality, competitive events where the quality of gaming is guaranteed.


This is a 1500pts tournament.

No Forgeworld models/rules allowed in the 2013 event.

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