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TSHFT Invitational Q&A

With the March TSHFT just over the horizon, some players are already questioning about the TSHFT Invitational. So here are some basic Q&A for the event..


May 5~6, 2012


Hilton Garden Inn, Bothell

What is it?

Well, the TSHFT Invitational is my gift to the winners of TSHFT and a fitting prize in my opinion.  It is a 2 day event where the title winners of previous TSHFT (and some special guests) all come together to enjoy a 2 day competitive tournament.

How much does it cost?

It is an invitational.  There is no cost if you are invited, plus both lunches and the dinner on Saturday will be catered for you.  And since the first Invitational also coincides with the celebration of 5 year anniversary for TSHFT, the attendee will get 2 drink tickets on Saturday and 1 drink ticket on Sunday (for those of you who incline to game with styles :) ).

What kind of format is it?

Well, I haven’t made up my mind yet, but since it is going to be a test of the best on best.  I am thinking 5 or maybe even 6 games for the weekend (4 for Sat and 2 for Sun).  Since everyone are expected to be tournament winners, I expect everyone a perfect gentlemen and all figures painted.  And thus, there is no soft score for the event.

The secondary objectives will also be different from normal TSHFT since it is going to be a true test of generalship.

Do I have to stay at the event site?

You don’t have to for the invitational.  But if you do wish to stay, I think you get roughly $20.00 off from the standard rate by mentioning TSHFT invitational.  Anyone who had stayed at the rooms for TSHFT will tell you the rooms are super nice and the breakfast buffet was fantastic!

Am I on the list?

Well, there are only 24 spots for the 2012 year and these are the individual who qualified for the 2012 invitational thus far:

Jayson Besancon (TSHFT Champion/Best Gen A ’11) confirmed

Jeremy Veysseire (TSHFT Champion/Best Overall B ’11) confirmed

Joel Talley (TSHFT Champion ’11) confirmed

Gerry Sunada (Master Tactician/Best Overall A ’11) will not attend due to prior personal commitment

John-Paul Mawet (Master Tactician ’11) confirmed

Cory Wilke (Master Tactician ’11) confirmed

Dan Root (Best Overall A ’11) confirmed

Jared Maggard (Best Gen A ’11) confirmed

Zach Barley (Best Gen A ’11) confirmed

Chris Michaelson (Best Overall B ’11) confirmed

Ross Hertzog (Best Overall B ’11) confirmed

Steffan McBee (Best Gen B ’11) will not attend

Alex Yuan (Best Gen B ’11) confirmed

Jose Mendez (Best Overall U ’11) confirmed

Josiah Narog (Best Overall U ’11)

Christopher Dinsmore (Best Gen U ’11) confirmed

Damian Franzie (Best Gen U’11)


Well, that gives us about 16 players thus far, with 8 more openings to the players for the upcoming March TSHFT.  So if you don’t see your name on the list and wish to play in the event, come and join us this March!

If you find your name on the list, please RSVP me either by this blog or facebook (or PM or my private email if you know them :) ) by March 25 on whether you can make it or not for the May 5/6Invitational.  Any one who is unable to to make the event will be removed from the list and replaced with a special guest or the next contender either from the March event or a previous TSHFT.


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