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Invitational Finished

TSHFT Invitational finished without a hitch and we finally have a TSHFT Grand Champion – Ben Cromwell.

And here is the final standing.

TSHFT 2012 Invitational


Folks really seemed to like the Invitational’s format.  Though some of the players took a bit longer to read the cards in 1st round, by the 3rd round, players were moving along the game as they were part of the regular rules.  A pity the cards format would be too much an undertaking in regular Championship, otherwise I would implement them in as well.

With the changing of editions.  I will see if I can get some mileage out of the cards at OFCC (maybe 1 round) before replacing the contents with 6th edition specific objectives.

With the success of the first TSHFT Invitational, it marks the end of the 2012 tournament season for TSHFT.  The next tournament season (2013) will starts in November, 2012.

Below is a quick glance of the next opportunities to qualify for next TSHFT Invitational are:


2013 TSHFT season

40K Championship

 November 16~18, 2012

(10 spots)


January 18~20, 2013

(2 Spots)

40K Championship

March, 2013

(10 Spots)

7 comments to Invitational Finished

  • Ben cromwellNo Gravatar

    Does winning the invitational get me a spot in next years invitational?

  • Zen13No Gravatar

    I did put that on Facebook earlier.. but it works a bit different in practice.

    The grand champion will be placed in my “waiting list” for any future invitational. And if there are spots available after taking care of all my qualifiers as well as honored guests, I will send a invitational to the grand champion and invite him as an honored guest. Of course, the grand champion can always qualify normally to guarantee a spot. :)

    Just putting things in perspectives. There are 26 spots for the invitational and 22 qualification spots. I tend to invite 2~3 guests (I overdid a bit this year) before hitting the waiting list.

    Is this a satisfying answer?

  • KrisNo Gravatar

    Such a great event Zen!

    sucks that my rating didn’t improve since i went 3-3 but I love the secondary and tertiary objectives.

  • Zen13No Gravatar

    Glad that you had fun! Your ranking went up, by a point at least!

  • Ben cromwellNo Gravatar

    Well then I guess ill just go ahead and win the November TSHFT then ;-)

  • ChaosGerbilNo Gravatar

    Zen thanks again that was the best TSHFT event yet! I played like a noob on Sunday but still had a blast the whole weekend.

  • Zen13No Gravatar

    That sounds like a plan. :)

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