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Ready, Set, Invitational


I finally got all the trophies squared away and ready for pick up Friday.  Got all  my souvenirs earlier this week in the mail as well.  As for what they are.. you just have to come to the event.

The only thing left now is getting the objective cards ready.  Well, that’s what children are for.. let’s call it a art & craft project now, shall we not?

Anyhow, best luck to all of you who are coming to the invitation this weekend.  We will probably head out and grab a bite tomorrow if you show up after 6pm since that’s when I will be setting up the tables.  Otherwise I wish you all a happy Cinco de Mayo and best luck at the event. :)

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  • ToddNo Gravatar

    What’s the earliest I can show up on Friday and help unload (he said with the ulterior motive of getting away from six week old twins, a toddler, and finally getting the chance to paint fo more than five minutes at a time… )?

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