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TSHFT Special Coverage

Well, even though the event has passed for less than a month, some of the TSHFT fever still remains for some of our attendees.  I would like to spend some time thank all who had made to the event and give a moment of tribute to this time’s Player’s Choice Winner - Dan Root.

Death from Above!

Mr. Root brought some of his unfinished Work in Progress to last TSHFT while playing his regular Orks.  He was very excited about the prospect of converting a new army with an army book that will be at least competitive for the next few years or so.  Most of the models then were still in their gray (kit bashed from different orky parts) and barely resembles what you seen today.

Personally I thought the project borderlines pure insanity because the sheer amount of effort to kitbash an entire new army over a 4 month span is a tall order no matter how you look it.  But thanks to the fact you can have a 20 models army with the GK (or less), Dan managed not only finishing the army but add quite a few scenic pieces with it.  The project turned out to be quite the success as it garnished all the “oohs” and “arhs” from the event and granted him the Player’s Choice Award.

Maybe Dan will bring the same list to the Invitational and give us another glimpse of his fantastic army.

Here are some more of this Ork themed GK list.

Dread Knight! Orkadins, I assume DreadKnight & Orkfu Dreadnaught.










It seems the theme for this TSHFT’s army had been Orks, here are some more Ork armies that need some honorable mention.

Kan they do it?  Yes, Ork Kans. Marcus Tanner's Renegade Orks got some help from the Tau empire


Battle Wagon Ork Truck Ork Buggie WW2 style

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