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Really?  That’ was my last thought before I finished the TSHFT Open flyer at the break of dawn earlier…

TSHFT has finally taken shape into what I envisioned 5 years ago.  It will be in my opinion, a complete package once the Open is under way.  With all said and done, it should support 2 championships, 1 open event, and 1 invitational per year.  The only pity is that I won’t get a chance to enjoy my own event (which I think it is awesome :) ) but given it another year or three, I should have enough staff trained and maybe I will be able to play in one as well.

Anyhow.. instead of typing what I did on the flyer (which may add some personal touch with a few typos here and there), how about I take the easy approach and simply past the flyer?

I will spend some time over the weekend to update the website with missions and details for each specific event.



TSHFT Open Flyer

2 comments to TSHFT OPEN

  • ToddNo Gravatar

    Wow. That’s a whole lotta gaming going on…

    As a one-page flyer it covers the basics, but a descriptive sentence under each event would help a lot. Like the $50 for the Team Challenge: is it per person, or is it for a team of 2 if Doubles format?

    Adding artwork would make it more eyecatching, but I have a feeling there will be plenty of press about this in the months beforehand.

    If dissatisfaction is the fuel of ambition, then the folks behind this must have been very dissatisfied with the current state of affairs indeed.

    Plus, it’s interesting to know this is in the works while all the typical rumors sites are crying gloom and doom about no more ‘Ard Boyz, etc.

  • Zen13No Gravatar

    Well. Events are only as good as you make them :)

    And I plan making them better with all my free time. One of the free time after getting a divorce is that I ends up with a lot of time (when I am dealing with the BS from my Ex that is).

    I will be updating on the event main page regarding information and stuff..



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