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TSHFT 40K Championship March 2012

With 52 players attending, we just finished the biggest TSHFT of yet.  Luckily, most of our players went home happy after having 5 wonderful games at TSHFT.  And some, either by skill or sheer lady luck’s will, went home winners among other goodies.

This TSHFT happened similar to last one, with the exception that my EX stuck me with my kid on her visitation weekend (feeling sick she said) and made me somewhat preoccupied between my players and my kid.

Another interesting thing happened was the fact that I had an overflow of players which allowed me to explore a certain option provided by the hotel.  I managed to use the small board room next to the main tournament site as an overflow room.  But then changed it to a private box where some of my TSHFT veterans can enjoy a moment of privacy with their opponent.  It became quite the hotspot among the veterans as they fought for chances to play in the board room.

Since this is the last TSHFT using 5th ed rules, I decided to choose 1 special mission from five of the previous ones from 2010 through 2011 and use them as a tribute to my own events.  The missions were pretty straight forward and were among the less controversial ones in each event.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was preoccupied before round 5 (I was worried about my kid’s lunch), I made some hasty rules clarifications without consulting my own scenarios (a minute or two of reading my own rules would have clarified a lot more) and made some of my players (both veterans and personal friends) a round to forget in TSHFT.

But the event in most part was a good one, I got mostly positive feedback from my players and those who had critical opinions let me know personally and I shall address the issues in the future.  So, without further ado, the results for the event.

TSHFT Tracking Sheet – 40K 2012 0316

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