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White Scar – A la Ravenwing


This article will cover a specific list that I will be taking to a regional tournament in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, TSHFT OPEN (http://www.tshftopen.com/), ran by a long time TO and awesome persona, Zen from Bloghammer.net. Some of you might recognize me as MikhailLenin, the French Overlord, the [...]

Accounts of a SOB w/ GK

Here is a good guide for any SoB players out there, provided by our newly crowned TSHFT champion. [...]

Round 5 Mission and more..

My personal reflection on the event itself [...]


With another TSHFT done and more to follow, it is time for me to take some time and recollect my wits.  Time to look back at what had worked and what had not, and continual improve the event to be the best of its kind.


Let’s start with the negative part first [...]


Here is for anything that related to the event as well as anything that may related to things that has yet addressed by recent official GW FAQs.

Post away.

Stathammer 101 – What does a 3+ mean?

Best thing about statistics is that explains everything.  Don’t believe me, just slap a percentage in front a comment and it will not only make you more knowledgeable but make it more sensible as well.  After all, about 95% of people in America do this on a daily basis.

And that was [...]

Stathammer 101 – Range Method

A quick way to calculate likely chances of a bunch of dice without bothering with complicated math. [...]

Suggestion for the next OFCC

I am satisfied with the venue and everything else outside the event.  My focus would be based strictly on list rating and match ups.  I’ll give my reasoning behind in italics.

I suggest the followings:

Reinforce a hard rated list system to make sure everyone attending the event can walk away both refreshed [...]