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rcpromo Ork Buggie WW2 style Ork Truck Battle Wagon DreadKnight & Orkfu Dreadnaught. Marcus Tanner's Renegade Orks got some help from the Tau empire



TSHFT Open Vancouver 2013

First day at the TSHFT Vancouver! [...]

Behind RCR – Story Time

2 weeks have passed since the announcement of the cancellation of RCR.  Some of my acquaintances had wished me an explanation but due to legal bindings, I can’t really offer one.  I do, however, recall a story told from a close and personal friend, [...]

TSHFT and I – A TO’s Journey (Part II)

The first event… >_< [...]

TSHFT and I – a TO’s Jounrey (Part I)

Wanna know what drove me to start the whole TSHFT thing? [...]

No Mercy Rulez!

From football to gaming [...]

Behind Scene of a Tournament Organizer

One Guinness, Two Guinness, Three Guinness.. [...]

TSHFT is getting a facelift!

First of all, I got a concussion at work about half a month ago…

Second of all, I got a concussion from work and made my head hurt like hell…

And last but not least, the concussion had some post effects on my typing ability and made me overly relying on auto correction [...]

40K Fire Drill!

Now this will probably file under “the greatest game never played!” category.

First we will need 8 players and 4 gaming tables for this to work.  It doesn’t matter what type of missions, but objective based missions would be a great challenge under this format.  It is best if the tables can be [...]

TSHFT Ranking

A quick explanation of how the TSHFT ranking work and what does it do. [...]


With another TSHFT done and more to follow, it is time for me to take some time and recollect my wits.  Time to look back at what had worked and what had not, and continual improve the event to be the best of its kind.


Let’s start with the negative part first [...]