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2014 TSHFT Invitational Objectives


Here is a refresher to all those who had attended the TSHFT Invitational as well as those who are looking forward in attending.

There are 6 rounds in the tournament, each round has a total of 25 BP for the player to achieve. These are based off the following:

Primary Objective (12 BP)

These are your book missions.  The book secondary objectives will be used to VP calculation to determine winner.

Secondary Objective (8 BP)

These are secret objectives.  Each player receives (9) secret objectives in the tournament and can choose one after the initial deployment roll is decided.  These are kept faced down until the game ends, in which player can then reveal them to claim the BP.  Once chosen, the secret objective is gone from the player’s selection for good in any further rounds.

Tertiary Objective (5 BP)

These are selected after both side had deployed their army but before either player rolled for “Seize the initiative”.  They are kept open throughout the tournament and players are more than welcome to thwart their opponent’s attempt to maximize their points.  Too keep it simple this year, these too can not be recycled into future rounds once chosen.   Don’t worry, we also expanded these to a selection of 9 as well.

Here are both of them in PDF format.

TSHFT Invitational Objectives

TSHFT Winners Revisited

Here is a list of all our past winners from our various TSHFT Events (only 2012 tournament season and on)

TSHFT Winners



TSHFT Invitational 2014


Well, the 3rd annual TSHFT Invitational will be held May 17-18, 2014 at

Country Inn & Suites by Carlson 19333 North Creek Pkwy, Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 485-5557   Though this will be a much anticipated event to the PNW locals and TSHFT regulars, most of your would be [...]

New TSHFT Golden Ticket policy!

Good news, everyone!

To reflect the upcoming structure change in TSHFT Invitational, I would like to extend the following offer to all of our existing Golden Ticket Winner (since 2012).

All TSHFT Golden Tickets issued through out the 2012~2013 season are immediately upgraded [...]

2014 TSHFT Open Seattle 40K Individual Final Results

Below is the break down of the 2014 TSHFT OPEN 40K Individual event.


TSHFT Open 2014 40K Indi

Newly Year Resolution!

Are the Bugs in or not? Read on… [...]

100% Go!

It’s done!

All Rose City Rumble tickets had all been refunded or taking care off otherwise.

I humbly apologize for any delay we might had caused and thank all of you sincerely for your patience.  If you haven’t receive your portion of the refund yet, please contact me immediately via pm on [...]

TSHFT Open Vancouver

We now have a new TSHFT 40K Champion!

Gerry Sunada had claimed the title after a solid performance and is now crowned the TSHFT Champion.  Joining him as the Master Tactician is the Vancouver native Colin Sherlow.  As promised before this event, each of these [...]

TSHFT Open Vancouver 2013

First day at the TSHFT Vancouver! [...]

Behind RCR – Story Time

2 weeks have passed since the announcement of the cancellation of RCR.  Some of my acquaintances had wished me an explanation but due to legal bindings, I can’t really offer one.  I do, however, recall a story told from a close and personal friend, [...]